2 Weeks in Eindhoven: Living Alone

It feels weird to live alone. It does. If I have a choice between living alone and living with somebody else, I would have chosen to live with somebody else. But I don’t have any choices, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful that I got this place. I live in a so-called Spacebox, located on campus and within few minutes reach to the city centre and train station. What more do I want? Some of my friends live quite far from the university and some still live in a holiday park (due to lack of housing). So I shouldn’t complain, for God sake!

But I can’t resist! I realised that I had been living with other people for the past SEVEN years (if living with my family is counted, then that becomes 23 years ๐Ÿ˜€ ). I lived in a school dormitory for 3 years when I was in High School, then I lived in a student lodge in my first one year in Brisbane. I had my own room, but I was always surrounded by people for at least 4 times a day; during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and “TV time”. The lodge had a communal area where we could mingle with the rest of the residents every single day. After one year living in the student lodge, I moved to a small apartment and lived with one of my closest friends, Jenny for a half a year before we moved again to a bigger apartment. We lived in this apartment for 2.5 years and I shared my room and bed with another close friend, Mayu.

So my life (day and night) has always been surrounded by people. Jenny and Mayu were just the most wonderful housemates and friends I’ve ever had! I could not have asked for more. When I was sick, they were the ones who pampered me and took care of me. When I needed help, they were the first people who would help me and expected nothing in returns. When I had problems, they were the ones who would endlessly listen to my boring stories and helped me to find possible solutions. When I failed to go back home by 12 am, they were the ones who would call me asking me where I was, when I would reach home, and whether or not I needed to be picked up at a bus stop or train station. I always had this sense of security when living with them. Because I knew that somehow they were always beside me and supported me. It was just wonderful to be able to live with the ones you care and love the most :). And it was pretty amazing when I thought about how Mayu and I lived in the same room and slept on the same bed, but we never had any arguments or pissed each other off. Before I left Australia for good, Jenny once told me, “Amalia, I don’t know how I am going to live without you.” That sentence sticks with me the whole time and I found myself asking the same question right before I left for Eindhoven, “How the hell am I going to live ALONE without Jenny and Mayu?!?” It drove me insane. I didn’t realise how dependent I was on them!!

After I arrived in this country 2 weeks ago, I am still adapting; adapting how to live alone :D. When the night comes and streets are empty, I always wish that Jenny and Mayu are here with me, sharing stories and having a girl talk hehe. I do feel so lonely at night and I can’t just knock on my neighbour’s door and expect them to welcome me with wide arms. Thankfully, making a call to Australia is quite cheap (via VoIP) so I take advantage of it. My friends told me to move and find a student house that can be shared with many people. Unfortunately, I can’t just move out and find another house in the near future because my contract will not end until next year. I just need to be patience and get used to everything. I am sure the time will come when I feel comfortable enough to live alone. SEMANGAT!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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  • stephanie

    hang int here, Mel…emang susah, apalagi kalo merasa kesepian…paling gak enak rasanya…
    Kan masih 2 minggu, belum terbiasa…ntar lama2 juga terbiasa. cari temen yang banyak deh =)

  • ina

    Duh kita ketinggalan kereta niy….pokoke semangat terus ya mel, mudah2an lancar semuanya. Namnya juga lagi adaptasi, mellow2 dikit mah oke kok say…big hug for you!

  • Yep Mal, don’t worry.. as the time goes by, you’ll find more friends here. Anyway, as you’re living at a spacebox, don’t you think that you’re living close enough to other friends? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • amellie

    stephanie: makasih ya Fan! Iyah, aku blm terbiasa ni, don’t worry I’ll get there somehow ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    mbak ina: dah lama tak bersua, mbak! hihi kangennn! thx yaaa.. salam bwat semuanya.

    arya: well, if I need someone at let’s say… 12 o’clock in the midnight… I can’t just knock on somebody else’s door, can I?? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • debukaki

    jadi inget lirik lagu: all by myself-nya carmen.. ๐Ÿ™‚ jalan ke perpus mel.. ke pusat kota.. jalan-jalan… ayo… ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Dessy

    Mel, lu skrg dimana?? Eindhoven itu dimana si? Jerman ya? Waaa skrg ngambil master ya? Duh gua bnyk banget pertanyaannya… hehee

  • amellie

    debukaki: Hehe aku merasa kesepian kalo malem2 aja rif… kalo siang sih selalu ada kegiatan ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dessy: Gw udah di Belanda, Des hehe.. he eh ngambil master… kabar loe gmn btw?

  • mulia

    amel, sabar yah. biasa kalo baru pindah emang gt. sebentar lagi juga kamu akan sibuk siang malam. soalnya kamu ikutan acara2 lokal, univ apalah segala macem. kamu kan outgoing banget.

    cari2 acara lokal aja mel, kali komune bikin diskusi, choir, grup drama or whatsoever gt y kamu hobi atau sekedar u sosialisasi aja.

    volunteer juga boleh tuh. di redcroos atau ngo lokal apa kek. kan kamu bisa german, paling gaul2 beberapa minggu langsung lancar dutch nya.

    dan selamat ultah ya neng. kok sama sama adik ku :D.

    btw, tadi di kuwait gue ketemu orang KBRI Damascus. kenal om lo gt. mau dikirimin salam. wah memang indo negara kecil. hehehe.

  • qonit

    dear tetangga baru, anda butuh tukang pijet? =D
    [taon lalu senasib juga]

  • meeel..duh aku ga dpt imel mu loh..ato kelewat yaaa??? eniwei, aku dah di jkt..sayang bgt kita ga sempet ketemuan..hubby risetnya dah tahap akhir..so, tinggal tunggu defence ajah..tp yg bakal balik ksana hubby doang..soalnya kl lg hamil gini menghindari pjalan jauh deh..
    good luck ya mel..
    eh2, enak dong di eindhoven kan bnyk muslim..sapa tau ktemu jodoh..he3

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