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NZ Trip: Day 1-3

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Travelling to New Zealand had always been my dream ever since I arrived in Brisbane 3.5 years ago. I made myself promise that I would visit this country before I left Australia for good. I planned to travel with my housemates at the end of this year, but then I realised that it’s just not possible — graduation, packing, etc. I decided to change the time to July, during my winter break. However, the decision came rather late and allRead more



Hey! Finally, I have an access to internet again! Wohooo… 😛 For those of you who have no clue… I’m currently in New Zealand; travelling and having fun! I decided not to bring my laptop with me — yes, I’m trying to live without a computer for a while. Apologies for not writing any new posting! 😀 I was gonna write the continuation of my previous post before I left Australia for New Zealand, but then something really really badRead more