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I don’t normally post technical or IT-related stuff in this blog. But I’ll do it this time (and probably the last time 😛 ). For those who are not TU/e students, I strongly recommend not to continue reading this post as it will waste 2-5 minutes of your time that can otherwise be spent on other useful tasks 😛

When trying to access digital libraries like Springer Journals from home or off-campus, I have to login to the TU/e Janus library first. This is fine if I do the search directly on the Springer’s website. But most of the time I do the search on Google and find some papers on different digital libraries. So I have to copy those links and use TU/e Janus URL to redirect it to the URL of those papers. It’s troublesome!

So, I created this TU/e Library Bookmarklet for this purpose. For example, I find this paper given to me by Google, but I haven’t login to the TU/e library yet. So, by clicking the bookmarklet, it redirects me to the library’s website to login and after the login is successful, it redirects me to the paper again. Simple, yet fast and useful.

To use this bookmarklet, drag this link: Open Janus TU/e Library up to your Bookmarks Toolbar (Chrome & Firefox), Bookmarks Bar (Safari), Links Toolbar (IE), or Personal Bar (Opera). Phew, a lot of different names for different browsers! If the bookmark toolbar is not visible, make sure you “tell” the browser to show it (usually by right clicking on any part of the menu bar and choose the appropriate command). Everytime you land in the page of an electronic journal (and unable to access the full text version because you’re not logged in), just click on that bookmarklet.


I hope it’s quite understandable and useful to TU/e students 🙂

*I know that TU/e has developed its own TU/e Library Toolbar, but as you probably know, I’m not a fan of installing this thing… 🙂


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